Top 5 qualities required for WFH!

Inference- Not every single one of us can work from home!

Some say working from home increases their productivity while some some slack at it and there are others who would want a mix and match of both. What truly depends is exactly why is one working from home, the drive and motivation to work is what would make a person work from home very highly effectively. My wife has been working from home pretty much from past 3 years and boy i have seen her work, sometimes tired at looking her endlessly on a 14″ screen and slamming her keyboard. Me, on other hand finish a nice morning shift of probably 10-6 sometimes 7 in an office and yeah once in a while may be fire up the laptop and punch in those some important emails, hey but thats just for 15 mins unlike my wife who keeps repeatedly doing that for 15 hours.

Every day living room scene in our home, me reacting to random videos on 55″ screen while my wife reacting on a 14″ screen

We discussed previously is working from home the future ? So what is that drives people to work from not only home but from where ever the hell they want to? Below are my top 5 personality traits take on it.

Ownership– A sense of owning to a particular project or a task is always a very important factor when it comes to work, but more so very crucial if it is not working from office.

Responsibility – If one is responsible for a bunch of projects and group of people, it automatically drives one to work without complaining.

Entrepreneurial – An individual who is so strong willed to do something like creating a product or a service to achieve something that they have aimed for, then no matter what place, they are always on the move thinking and working all the time. This particular trait is also measured these days in most of job interviews, apparently it does not only stand for entrepreneurs but is more an attitude or mindset.

Passion– I know i know! It is probably an overrated word, but it still drives one to work on their own, passion brings happiness and one tends to just work towards excellence day in and day out.

Leadership– Leading is an important trait which most people either learn by following others or some have it in them naturally, any of which makes one work naturally, the best example of which is 2020 covid times, during which the leader would say stay at home and work rather than coming to a workplace.

These are by and large most important qualities whether be it working from office or working from home, such people do not really bother if it is home or cafe or office. But, most importantly necessary if at all working from a non office environment.