I remember her voice,
It was amalgamated
I heard hope, helplessness
I felt pain and desire.
She was, is, not ready to leave

All this while

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Words hang in between
Unsaid by you and me.
Silence precedes,
Eyes search across the Nile
Gaze transfixed all this while
A moment stretched in time
Few words sewn in rhyme
Lips curve, evaporates a smile,
Hearts start on a journey of many miles.

Ignorance, maybe

‘What makes someone work hard every day?’, I often ask.
Motivation is temporary,
Discipline can have an exception,
Passions can wither,
Love is an unknown!
What, what keeps people going day in and out?!
The desire to excel?
The aspiration to make history?
To utilize time efficiently?
What, what, what?
Ignorance, maybe?


I want to write a book.
There is no story, though.
Just words
Pressed by lead in a diary
Spanning years
Spanning continents.
The pencil still looks new
The grip a little soft
And the holder evolved


I get bored of nothing.
Stayed home, watched T.V., ordered food!
Mind evaded work first,
Then created an illusion

Maslow’s hierarchy

I strung some words together
And it made me happy.
I have my stomach full.

Poems written by Smriti , follow her on Instagram

4 thoughts on “Anthology

  1. Ignorance is bliss
    very well analysed.
    I too wonder at times what’s going on but left with no answer

    Beautiful poems Smriti
    Wish you many more to come

  2. These constant thoughts in the back of my mind, not dominating but also not vague, ’bout which I couldn’t figure out for quite a long time.., Now I’ve got my answers! Thankyou for writing’s really beautiful!

    1. Thanks a lot, Krishna for your way of expression. Oh yes, you are not alone in having these thoughts or questions.

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