Consumers of 90’s in India

The year is 2020 and we all have a very strong supply of all the products that enter the market. You visit any store and one will see various kinds of products at different prices and based on demand and location the prices are high or low. But we are not talking about current world, we know the world now has a very strong supply chain, for instance the time it takes for a ship load of products to move to a opposite end of the world is only a max of 2 months. This means goods produced in India for instance can be of avail in the US in 2 months sometimes even 1 depending on the vessel( Ship).

I am a 31 year old guy living in 2020 which makes my predominant childhood in the 90’s. Grew up in several small towns and one big city in India, throughout the growing period of 18 years in my life. My dad having had a movable job, we had to move to a very new place every 3-4 years, one can say I was already developing some serious skills for adaptability. But as I grew older started making more friends from very far reach of India. It is now that we discuss how most of our products that we used in the 90’s is same throughout the subcontinent. After having discussed this at large end with my friends from Delhi, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and as east as Sikkim we were all surprised that we predominantly used some of the same stationery , confectionaries and other products growing up. I am using these specific examples of states is because they are from very far reach with each other with me growing up in different parts of Karnataka.

Some of stationery growing up.

Stationery of Indian 90’s kids

Some of the brands of 90’s

90’s confectionaries

We all sense a moment of nostalgia, i am sure there are many such brands and products and some similar products that we happen to see, like how is it that every government offices in India be it Delhi or Kanyakumari, had pretty much same set of furniture style. It is not even the brands/companies its even the culture of having similar items.

What really surprises me is in spite of having such a diversity, we all still talk and enjoy these nostalgic products. Some of these brands have vanished while some of them are a very successful enterprises. My point is even back then in the 90’s the only reason every every store in India had similar products and now if we look back, we see there must be definitely a strong supply chain back then as well. A kid in a remote place in Sikkim was using the same pencil/pen which a kid in some remote place in Tamil Nadu was using. Such was the strong distribution of products and such was the strong supply chain with only major logistical move was by trucks which is commendable.

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  1. very good illustration ,it made me peep into my good old(actually childhood to young🙂😍) days. infact nothing to do anything else these days. still I love to take a dip
    keep it up dear

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