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What is FLAMES game and How to Play FLAMES game?

FLAMES is a beautiful game designed to know if the person you are crushing on shares what kind of relationship with you based on names. The Game is usually famous amongst high school kids to seniors or heck anyone can play for fun. The way it works is you enter your name and your crush’s name, negate or scratch out all the common letters and count the numbers of letters left. Use that counter to go on erasing out a letter from the word FLAMES. Say for example, if your name is Rose and your crush’s name is Jack, Rose and Jack have no common letters in them, so the count for them is 8. FLAMES is a 6 letter word, so go on serially counting and deleting a letter from the counter. First attempt will erase out letter ‘L’ in their case, second would erase letter ‘E’ From FLAMES, this goes on and will end when the last letter remains. Each Letter has a hidden meaning.

FLAMES meaning

F – Friends

L- Love

A- Affection

M- Marriage

E- Enemy

S- Sibling

Disclaimer – Please do not take this game very seriously, I personally know a lot of couples who end up with enemy with their names but are happily married who are madly in love with each other. It is just a fun way to figure out in the very early stages of dating, this could be a big ice breaking conversation if you are going for a new date.

we have made your life easier by not going through the game manually, just enter your name and your crush’s name and figure out what relationship you will endure by your names. Winky Winky.

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Do not worry about any results that come, just refresh the page and give it another try with someone else 😉 after all there are many options out there. If you are into finding out what celebrity you will resemble check out our Celebrity game here.

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