What is the Purpose of Life?

A tree has always taught us to measure our purpose of life. If you just be like a tree you have met the purpose of your life.More

That Meghan & Harry Thing!

I am a little late to the party but how could I miss writing about one of the most talked about interviews after the 1995 Princess Diana’s scandalous yet intriguing interview. But, now that I have your attention (The Office viewers will get this), before getting into the invigorating details about Meghan and Harry, I…More

Fire – from a simple spark

Times like these, when we’re confined to the walls of our homes, gives us time to ponder, that we need to rethink what we have been doing in the past. Our methods, our ways were not designed to live but just to exist. Now, when we see ducks swarming the canals of Venice or a…More


NOT READY TO LEAVE Ignorance, maybe ‘What makes someone work hard every day?’, I often ask.Motivation is temporary,Discipline can have an exception,Passions can wither,Love is an unknown!What, what keeps people going day in and out?!Survival?The desire to excel?The aspiration to make history?To utilize time efficiently?What, what, what?Ignorance, maybe? Evolution I want to write a book.There…More

Modern Love

I am a sunflower, a little funny, if I were a rose, maybe you’d pick me! My earphones had this on loop when things went left. I couldn’t fathom what really happened. I spent weeks in denial, then months in sadness and eventually accepted that I wasn’t worth the fight. After months of self-loathing and…More