NOT READY TO LEAVE I remember her voice,It was amalgamatedI heard hope, helplessnessI felt pain and desire.She was, is, not ready to leave All this while Words hang in betweenUnsaid by you and me.Silence precedes,Eyes search across the NileGaze transfixed all this whileA moment stretched in timeFew words sewn in rhymeLips curve, evaporates a smile,Hearts…More

World economy & happiness

Inference- The cost of increased economy is happiness As a kid growing up in small towns across India, the only dream I had was to become rich. However, with time I had realized that being wealthy is a relative term: some have billions while others have millions (and I am in neither group). Every person…More

Top 5 qualities required for WFH!

Inference- Not every single one of us can work from home! Some say working from home increases their productivity while some some slack at it and there are others who would want a mix and match of both. What truly depends is exactly why is one working from home, the drive and motivation to work…More

Is Working From Home the future?

Inference – The year 2220 will have everyone working from home, may be even working from Mars. Before the Industrial revolution, let us say before 19th century ,the basic profession and most career choice one could have was being a farmer, carpenter, mason , barber , fisherman, saint, soldier and trader. These were really a…More

iPhone in India

Inference- Apple selling in India at 43% higher than USA Last week my friend in India happened to tell me that he is about to buy an iPhone 11 for 131,000 INR, immediately the currency exchange math started in my mind and the difference is quite shocking. It has been a while since Indians were…More